FWT 13: Feb 2022

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In this week’s update Tim talks about the changes in launch services over the last 50 years, goes more in depth about the NASA CLD Awards response, and answers live questions from the audience, including:

0:0 Introduction and why what we are doing is possible
5:00 Technological advancements since DSTAR
6:00 NASA CLD response revisited
20:30 Will we go further than Earth? The study of long-term habitation in partial gravity?
22:50 Will OAC go to space before Starship is ready?
23:34 Simulated gravity levels on Pioneer Station
25:33 Will Pioneer station generate income?
26:17 Near term revenue plans
27:56 Discussion about Starship launch cost
29:22 How we will protect against geo-magnetic storms
30:31 What keeps Tim up at night and how can supporters help?
34:47 Wrap up
36:40 Closing

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