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FWT 14: March 2022

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In this week’s update Tim talks about the our new board members, goes more in depth about orbital debris, and answers live questions from the audience, including:

0:12 Welcome
5:22 Preparing and Overcoming Orbital Debris
11:27 Can you pour a cup of water in low gravity?
14:25 How much programing work will you be needing?
16:03 Are changes in timeline causing the raise to extend?
16:37 If something isn’t touching the floor in artificial gravity would it be weightless?
17:31 Do you want to go to Pioneer Station? 19:36 Where will you be weightless on the station?
20:43 Sports in space
21:26 Can birds fly on the station?
22:26 Starship and Voyager Station
23:00 Starship discussion, price, and mass implications.
24:26 What can we do to get an agreement to stop blowing things up in space?
25:39 Can you put a particle accelerator on Voyager Station?
27:55 Closing comments

To get updates on when the next call will be sign up at: “Fridays with Tim” is a regular live Q&A where OAC COO and Chair of the Board, Tim Alatorre, gives updates on the current company status and answers questions from the live audience.

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