FWT 15: April 2022

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In this week’s update Tim talks about the our relocation to Huntsville, and makes exciting announcements about our Art Contest and new science research. He also answers live questions from the audience, including:

0:16 Welcome
11:23 How many launches needed for Gravity Ring?
12:00 Will there be age restrictions to go to the stations?
13:00 Can you add pods side by side to increase the station population?
14:00 Discussion about Ion thrusters and other propulsion details.
17:13 How do deal with sticking truss frames in PSTAR
18:35 Launch provider discussion
19:55 What inspired the station designs?
21:25 How do you reboost the stations on orbit?
22:28 Discussion on manned versus robotic EVA
25:45 Closing comments

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