Al Globus – Large Space Communities

This week we talked with Al Globus about large scale space habitats such as O’neill Cylinders and the Kalpana One and Two habitat designs. We had a great discussion about the technical merits and risks, as well as drivers for large scale human communities in space, and got to hear about his roadmap to get to large-scale communities in the solar system and beyond!

Check out Al’s new book, now available!

“The High Frontier: an Easier Way”

Speaker Bio:

Al Globus worked at NASA Ames for 39 years as a contract software engineer on space settlement, asteroid mining, Hubble, space stations, X37, shuttle, Earth observation, TDRSS, cubesats, lunar teleoperation, spaceflight effects on bone, molecular nanotechnology, scientific visualization, and space solar power publishing dozens of papers on these and other topics. He founded and has run the annual NSS Space Settlement Contest for 7-12 grade students for over 25 years. The contest attracted 14,000 kids in 2020. Most recently, he found a way to build O’Neill-style space settlements with multiple orders of magnitude less mass and place them close to Earth, making launch from Earth practical in the near future. Al is a member of the NSS Board of Directors, chairman of the Space Settlement Advocacy Committee, member of the Policy committee, and sits on the board of the Alliance for Space Development. Pictures and photos courtesy of Bryan Versteeg/,


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