Artificial Gravity and More

Angie Bukley and Jeff Greason

Dr. Angie Bukley, and OAC advisor Jeff Greason join us in this week’s episode. Both have long careers in space and share their insights on artificial gravity and more.

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Angie Bukley is a Principal Engineer in the Aerospace Corporation Center for Space Policy and Strategy. Before rejoining Aerospace in late 2014, she served as Dean and Vice President for Academics and Research at the International Space University in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France from 2009 – 2014. She is a 1993 alumna of the ISU Space Studies Program and has been an ISU faculty member since 1998. She earned her undergraduate and masters degrees at Mississippi State University and her PhD at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Dr. Bukley has held teaching and academic administration administration positions at Ohio University and the University of Tennessee. Prior to entering academe, she was Director of Laser Applications for The Aerospace Corporation in Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Bukley has also worked with a number of defense contractors on a wide variety of programs. She spent seven years as a civil servant at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama where she directed the Large Space Structures and Controls Laboratory and then managed remote sensing programs at the Global Hydrology and Climate Center. With nearly 100 technical publications and more than 30 awards for technical achievement, including the 2003 University of Alabama in Huntsville Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award, Dr. Bukley is active in many professional organizations and technical societies. Her research interests include system engineering, control system design for flight/orbital vehicles and optical systems, and the study of human cognitive functions in microgravity. She has flown over 1000 parabolas in the retired NASA Reduced Gravity Aircraft and Novespace Airbus A-300 & A-310 “Zero-G” aircraft to conduct research in both of these areas.

Jeff Greason is an entrepreneur and innovator with 25 years’ experience in the commercial space industry. He is the Chief Technologist of Electric Sky, developing long-range wireless power for propulsion and other purposes; and Chairman of the Tau Zero Foundation, developing advanced propulsion technologies for solar system and interstellar missions. He has been active in the development of commercial space regulation and legislation and served on the Augustine Commission in 2009. Jeff was a cofounder of XCOR Aerospace and served as CEO from 1999 to early 2015. Previously, he was the rocket engine team lead at Rotary Rocket, and an engineering manager in chip technology development at Intel. He holds 28 U.S. Patents and has recently published papers on novel space propulsion concepts. He is also a Governor of the National Space Society.


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