Building a Space Industry on Recycled Space Junk

With Gary Calnan, Joe Pawelski, and Jeromy Grimmett

Gary, Joe, and Jeromy discuss key components of recycling space junk: CisLunar Industries debris recycling and metal refining technology, and orbital maneuvers using Rogue Space robotic drones called “Orbots”. They discuss the enabling impact of artificial gravity in LEO for their operations.

Speaker Bios:

Gary Calnan is the Co-Founder and CEO of CisLunar Industries. He has a diverse background in entrepreneurship, capital markets, and corporate finance, and now strives to help lay the foundation for a sustainable human presence beyond Earth. Joe Pawelski is Co-Founder and CTO at CisLunar Industries. (

Jeromy Grimmett is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rogue Space Systems Corporation. His career began after high school with the US Army where he became a Missile Systems & Electronics Specialist on PATRIOT and THAAD. After the Army he started consulting as a Network Engineer where he traveled throughout the world, building and maintaining large scale networks for communications companies, energy producers and manufacturers. He’s attended Harvard University’s School of Extension Studies where he was pursuing his Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Government and International Relations respectively. After founding and running a successful technology services company, Jeromy founded Rogue Space Systems Corporation in 2020 and brought his vision and expertise in AI, tech, and robotics to advance space systems, orbital vehicles and space services. (


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