Building Space Cities Around Ceres

Pekka Janhunen

Dr. Pekka Janhunen, of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, discusses his large-scale habitation concepts in the orbit of the dwarf planet, Ceres.

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Dr. Pekka Janhunen (Research Manager, Finnish Meteorological Institute) is inventor of Coulomb drag propulsion technologies (electric sail and plasma brake). His background is space plasma physics (auroral physics, magnetospheric physics, simulations). He has authored over 160 peer-reviewed publications. He has also proposed a steam balloon concept for lifting rockets to stratosphere for easier launch, analysed large-scale habitation of Ceres orbit and done some research and coauthored a book on astrobiology. More recently he has done research on space habitats and proposed a Ceres megasatellite concept for settling the solar system in a scalable way. His Coulomb drag team at FMI is part of Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space. He is also a guest professor at University of Tartu, Estonia, and Technical Advsor and Board member of Aurora Propulsion Technologies.


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