First Orbital Retail Store in Space on Pioneer Station

Conceptual Rendering of what Dream Big World’s retail space may look like on Pioneer Station

Orbital Assembly and Dream Big World Announce First Retail Experience on the Pioneer Artificial Gravity Space Station

Out of This World Retail Experience Announced at X-VERSE at GITEX in Dubai Linking a Physical Store in Space and the Metaverse

DUBAI, GITEX …October 11, 2022 — Orbital Assembly (OA), developer of the first space park with gravity, today announced a strategic collaboration with Dream Big World to develop the first terrestrial retail experience in space at the GITEX X-VERSE experience in Dubai. The companies announced their development partnership at a briefing at X-VERSE at GITEX on Oct. 11th at the Dubai World Trade Center (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm).

Juan de Lascurain, CEO Dream Big World, and Rhonda Stevenson, CEO Orbital Assembly pose for a photo after the MOU signing at GITEX X-VERSE in Dubai on October 11th, 2022.

“Dream Big World and OA will collaborate to provide a retail space environment on our Pioneer and Voyager Space stations,” says Orbital Assembly CEO Rhonda Stevenson. “This is the first of many real estate leasing deals we plan to sign as we develop and launch these tourist, industrial and commercial stations. It is also the first marketing and merchandising opportunity on a space station that we believe will encourage significant extra-terrestrial brand marketing opportunities.”

“Ultimately, we plan to open the first store in space, but in the interim, we will introduce the Dream Big World physical spaces and the DBW Metaverse,” says Juan De Lascurain. “Dream Big World customers will be able to enjoy different digital experiences utilizing VR, NFT, digital fashion and the Metaverse,” including the experience we are developing with Orbital Assembly. “We’re excited today to be signing a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate this creative collaboration.”

Plans call for a virtual reality and immersive 3-D experience, simulating gravity in space on OA space stations, for tourists at Dream Big World’s retail stores in Dubai, Cancun, and other locations to be announced in the future.

The Pioneer-class™, the world’s first and largest hybrid space stations for both work and play, will be the first free-flying, habitable, privately operated facility in orbit. It will have spacious, customizable modules built around OA’s rotating Gravity Ring™ architecture. Pioneer and Voyager space stations will be the ultimate ecotourism destinations.

OA has accelerated its timetable for this hybrid micro/artificial gravity space station, which will precede the Voyager Station, announced in 2021. The Voyager Station will accommodate up to 400 people and offer many amenities of a luxury hotel on earth with the comfort of an artificial gravity experience.

Pioneer Station, featuring Dream Big World

About Orbital Assembly

Orbital Assembly (OA) is a recognized leader in designing, constructing, and operating large-scale, sustained, habitable structures with gravity on-orbit, in cislunar space, and throughout the solar system. OA’s Pioneer-class stations, the first of which is scheduled to be operational in as little as several years, will be the first on-orbit business park with variable artificial gravity (up to ~0.5g) to support the greater health of its occupants, as well as enable novel research and manufacturing processes not possible in a microgravity facility or on Earth. OA plans to lease space on Pioneer-class stations to a mix of private, academic, commercial, research and industrial customers, and offer them a wide range of on-orbit capabilities including manufacturing parts on demand from aluminum, steel, plastics, and possibly other materials. The company will also provide opportunities for space tourism. For more information about Orbital Assembly, please visit

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About Dream Big World

Dream Big World TM DBW is a lifestyle brand created by Juan de Lascurain in 2008. It was during that year that one day while doodling on a napkin a lady told him he needed to be an artist. He listened to her and decided to create a brand with the purpose to inspire and help people accomplish their dreams. During the last 10 years DBW and Juan de Lascurain have worked with some of the biggest brands around the world developing exclusive designs and merchandising; from Kleenex to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Juan de Lascurain is a sought-after speaker in the first Latin American artist to have his work displayed in the Burj Khalifa. The first physical store will open in 2023 including all the new digital technologies. Juan and DBW are also involved in various social projects. For more information about us, please visit

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