Jeff Greason – Space Transportation

This week we had a great conversation with Jeff Greason from Electric Sky and the Tau Zero Foundation, ranging across electric propulsion to cross-solar system transportation to our imperative to expand beyond the planet.

Plasma Magnet:


Speaker Bio:

Jeff has over 25 years experience in diffraction physics and aerospace engineering. After earning his Electrical Engineering degree with honors from Cal Tech, he worked at Intel harnessing diffraction to build the Pentium processor extending the era of Moore’s Law. He then moved into the aerospace world. Jeff has over 26 issued patents, including chemical-combustion rockets. Time Magazine named his EZ Rocket one of the Best Inventions of the year. Jeff worked at Rotary Rocket, and co-founded XCOR Aerospace designing a horizontal takeoff & landing space-launch vehicle. In his spare time he worked to help create America’s current regulatory framework for commercial space launch. The President of the United States appointed Jeff to the “Augustine Commission” (formerly known as the Review Of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee) to recommend U.S. launch architecture after retiring the Space Shuttle. At El-Sky Jeff serves as chief architect of our Power and Propulsion technology portfolios.


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