Orbital Assembly and CisLunar Industries Sign Collaboration Agreement

At the IAC2022 Paris conference, Orbital Assembly Director of Medical Research Dr. Shawna Pandya (bottom left) was present for the signing of a Letter of Intent with CisLunar Industries, to develop on orbit metal forging and fabrication capabilities using OAC’s proprietary hybrid-gravity architecture. Also pictured are (bottom left), CisLunar Industries CEO Gary Calnan, (top left to right) and CisLunar Industries representatives Toby Mould, Lee Steinke, and Walter Schroeder.

PARIS, Sept. 19, 2022 — Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), the leader in developing a commercially viable, space-based business park with variable gravity, today announced an agreement with CisLunar Industries® to collaborate on providing metal-processing services on its Pioneer-classTM space station. OAC will provide on-orbit facilities to CisLunar Industries, and CisLunar Industries will provide metal processing as a service (MPaaS) and construction and manufacturing materials to OAC.

The Pioneer-classTM, the world’s first and largest hybrid space stations for both work and play, will be the first free-flying, habitable, privately operated facility in orbit. It will have five spacious customizable modules built around OAC’s rotatingGravity RingTM architecture. The ring will accommodate CubeSat format rackspace, communications systems, solar panels, and other systems for commercial, industrial, and research applications.</p

CisLunar Industries plans to utilize OAC’s on-orbit Pioneer station facilities for research and development, testing, materials processing, and manufacturing of finished components for sale to both OAC and its customers.

“Metal processing is a critical link in the value chain of the emerging in-space industrial economy,” says Gary Calnan, chief executive officer of CisLunar Industries. “This agreement with OAC expands CisLunar Industries’ presence in the neighborhood of Commercial LEO Destinations and provides new opportunities for metal-processing in variable gravity.”

Development plans include:

  • Facilities for a CisLunar Industries Modular Space Foundry (MSF) to process metal into useful products that can be used by OAC for the construction of load-bearing space-station components and other structures.
  • Hosting CisLunar Industries equipment in either microgravity or partial gravity to advance the understanding of metal phase-change and physical characteristics and behavior in variable gravity.
  • Simulating gravity conditions of Lunar, Martian, and other solar-system locations  on board a Pioneer-class™ station for testing prior to costly missions to those destinations.
  • Exploring new joint revenue opportunities through other industry collaborations.

“CisLunar Industries and OAC see significant revenue opportunities and a way for us to source materials in orbit to expand our facilities without the need for costly launches,” says Orbital Assembly CEO Rhonda Stevenson. “Together, we plan to create sustainable manufacturing capabilities that will facilitate responsible growth of the space ecosystem, and leverage the unique attributes of variable gravity environments.”

A basic Pioneer station model that accommodates 28 guests will provide a hybrid environment of microgravity (Zero-G) and variable levels of gravity up to 0.57-G. Custom configurations are possible to accommodate more people or meet specific commercial equipment specifications. Each Pioneer module will offer up to 14,000 cu. ft. of space.

About CisLunar Industries
CisLunar Industries provides metal and industrial equipment for in-space assembly, manufacturing, and logistics. Applications include recycling of space debris, processing of lunar regolith, and recycling of on-station metals as an alternative to downmass. Metal-processing technology developed by CisLunar Industries takes those feedstocks and processes them into standardized metal products like rods, wire filament, and other useful geometries. These will be used in a variety of applications, including solid metal propellant for in-space logistics and materials for in-space servicing, assembly, and manufacturing (ISAM). Learn more at www.cislunarindustries.com.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) OAC is a recognized leader in designing, constructing, and operating large-scale, sustained, habitable structures with gravity on-orbit, in cislunar space, and throughout the solar system. OAC’s Pioneer-class stations, the first of which is scheduled to be operational in as little as several years, will be the first on-orbit business park with variable artificial gravity (up to ~0.5g) to support the greater health of its occupants, as well as enable novel research and manufacturing processes possible neither in a microgravity facility nor on Earth. OAC plans to lease space on Pioneer-class stations to a mix of private, academic, commercial, research and industrial customers, and offer them a wide range of on-orbit capabilities including manufacturing parts on demand from aluminum, steel, plastics, and possibly other materials. The company will also provide opportunities for space tourism. For more information about Orbital Assembly Corporation, please visit www.orbitalassembly.com

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