Shawna Pandya – Medical Risks of Spaceflight

In this episode we have an excellent interview with Dr. Shawna Pandya talking about the medical risks of long duration spaceflight, and what we can do to better understand, and mitigate, these risks.

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Speaker Bio:

program graduate with the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences/Project PoSSUM, the first and only crewed suborbital research program. In addition to her role as director of medical research at Orbital Assembly Corporation, she is vice president of immersive medicine for Luxsonic Technologies, and a medical advisor to United Space Structures and Astreas. Dr. Pandya is also director of the International Institute of Astronautical Science (IIAS)/PoSSUM Space Medicine Group, the chief instructor of the (IIAS) PoSSUM Operational Space Medicine course, and Life Sciences Team Lead with the Association for Spaceflight Professionals. Dr. Pandya earned an M.D. and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Neuroscience from the University of Alberta, Canada. She also received a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Space Studies from the International Space University, and is currently completing a fellowship in Wilderness Medicine at the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.


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