Space is For Everyone

A Panel Discussion

Industry thought leaders discuss, how do we make space available for everyone? Featuring Orville science advisor and writer André Bormanis, “October Sky” protagonist, Homer Hickam, Dan Hawk, Jared Angaza, and Dr. Shawna Pandya.


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Speaker Bios:

  • André Bormanis is a science writer/producer for Star Trek, The Orville, and The End is Nye. Andre is a keen human observer and has been at the forefront of writing about cultural change through a space/sci-fi lens for decades.
  • Homer Hickam is an aerospace engineer, ISS astronaut trainer, and best-selling author of Rocket Boys and 18 other titles. He currently serves on the board of the US Space & Rocket Center (aka “Space Camp”) and is an amateur paleontologist.
  • Dan Hawk is the Principal Scientist for United First Nations Planetary Defense. Dan is a pioneer among native peoples for getting their views heard and ensuring tribes have access to everything other wealthy nations do, including space.
  • Jared Angaza is a strategist, activist, and master storyteller. He designs strategies and identities for disrupters, influencers, and futuremakers of our world. Jared is the Executive Director of the Human Space Program and is currently training citizen astronauts for spaceflight and integration. 
  • Dr. Shawna Pandya is a physician, astronaut candidate, aquanaut, and more. It seems Shawna has done almost everything except actually travel to space, but I’m sure it won’t be long before she includes that among her accomplishments, too. She’s also a passionate voice for greater representation in STEM, and women in particular.


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