Spacesuits and Spaceflight Certifications

Trent Tresch

Trent Tresch, Director of the Center for Human Space Exploration at the University of Arizona, and co-developer of the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars at the Biosphere 2, talks about space suits, training and certification, and how the rest of us in the general population can start getting involved in space exploration!

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Trent Tresch works in bridging the gap between traditional aerospace and new-space innovation. Starting his career in aeronautics with ASET Dive into Space, he developed underwater Neutral Buoyancy education programs. While working on more in depth commercial astronautics trainings he began to build the next generation of accessible pressure suits and life support systems with Smith Aerospace Garments. These endeavors further led him to high altitude manned balloon flight tests and oversight of pressure suit operations. He has since co-authored and published in Purdue’s peer review journal, Human Performance in Extreme Environments and presented on numerous occasions regarding low cost life support systems for exploration and training. He currently resides at Biosphere 2 where he is co-developing the worlds highest fidelity hermetically sealed research habitat, SAM (Space Analog for the Moon and Mars), at the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2. Trent has been a board member of the Caelus Foundation since the beginning of 2020.


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