African Dreams of Space

With Bob Kihara

Bob Kihara, Kenyan poet, writer, communicator, space enthusiast and environmentalist talks the future of Africa in space.

Speaker Bio:

Bob Kihara is a distinguished Kenyan poet, writer, communicator, space enthusiast, and environmentalist with over three decades of experience in journalism and media relations at both national and international levels. During his career, he served as a journalist at The East African Standard in Kenya, a Communication Officer at the United Nations, and a Press Officer at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Switzerland.

In his poetry, Bob Kihara seeks to foster connections between individuals of diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the power of poetry to address and bridge even the most challenging societal issues. His passion for space exploration reflects his belief in its potential to unite people worldwide, including those in Africa. Additionally, he is committed to noble leadership, social justice, and improving humanity.

Bob Kihara is an alumnus of Kenyatta University and the University of Nairobi School of Journalism, where he was awarded a scholarship by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany. He also holds a diploma from the International Institute of Journalism in Berlin. Beyond his impressive career, he has actively contributed to journalism organizations, holding leadership positions and receiving accolades for his reporting efforts. He is passionate about his poetry, environmentalism, reading, music, and sports, and he often retreats to the countryside to engage in tree-planting and agricultural activities on his farm.


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