2022 Art Contest Winners

We are extremely impressed by the amazing art that was submitted by artists from around the world. There were so many excellent entries this year, our judges had a difficult time selecting the winners. The winners below are broken into four categories by age. 12 and under, 13-15, 16-18, and 19 and over. We are equally impressed by the messages and vision that these artist share both in their art and in the accompanying written descriptions.

Each winner will receive various prizes including having their art sent to the moon on an upcoming mission sponsored by LifeShip!

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12 and Under

1st Place

Isaac Jones – “The Greatest Family Vacation Ever”

Colorado, United States: A picture of my family getting a selfie on the Voyager Station. We love getting family pictures on our vacations. I like drawing because when I draw I forget about everything else and I can create something cool. I like space because it is fun to draw space and imagine all the possibilities.

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2nd Place (2 way tie)

Amaia Sanchez – “Space Fun”

California, United States: I was inspired by my brother because he loves space. I thought it was funny to add an alien taking a cow. I want to be like Frida Kahlo. I like to be creative and make collages and cut things out, glue, and paint.

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Scarlett Yan – “Space Travel”

California, United States: This picture shows a space station with planets and stars all around. There is a scientist in the front looking at the progress of getting closer to mars. The space station is holding a lot of curious families that want to see outer space. I think space is very interesting because there are probably thousands of galaxies out there. I feel that space is also very beautiful, because of the milky way and planets so it would be amazing to be in a hotel that is floating around in space.

3rd Place (2 way tie)

Anusha Madhusudhanan – “The Book of Space”

Pennsylvania, United States: A lovely piece made with water color and color pencils. Took some time. What gave me inspiration was a picture I saw, it was such a beautiful piece. I loved working on this project. It gave me such delight. I like art because it is very beautiful and the subject is very broad. There are various styles of art and that is what gives me interest, working with new mediums, and exploring new styles.

Leo He – “Fun In Space”

Washington, United States: I’m 9 years old. My picture is about how fun it is in space and how good the view is. The kids in the picture are playing Space-Ball. The picture shows how you can float in space, which will give you more game and sports opportunities that wouldn’t be possible on earth. You would be able to throw the ball and let it float for a long time. In the game that the kids are playing, players float around while catching and throwing the ball. If the ball hits a certain part of the wall, then a player loses points just like in soccer. Players can hold a 3D-printed tool to blow air and move around. I’m interested in space because it’s so big. I also think I could help with some missions because I know 3D modeling. I made the picture with a 3D modeling software called Blender.

Honorable Mentions

Age: 13 to 15

1st Place

Isabela Arca – “The Future is in Rotation”

California, United States: My piece shows the benefits of the luxurious Voyager Class, which is portrayed by the passengers chatting with each other and enjoying the ride. I’ve always been interested in art as well as space at a young age. I remember going to a camp as a child and being so fascinated about the mysteries and vastness of space.

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2nd Place (3 way tie)

Edson Carneiro – “Unusual Visitors to the Space Hotel”

Bahia, Brazil: The Voyager Hotel is already in space and ready for accommodation, but something unusual happens: the first to stay at the hotel are aliens! One of the reasons that make me love art is the possibility that you can create new worlds and universes just with the power of imagination, and that’s really cool! And one of the reasons I love space and the universe is that it’s something very big and little discovered, and that’s something very interesting!

Sophia Kessler – “Home Far From Home”

Alabama, United States: A woman enjoying the view of space from the comfort of the OAC Voyager. I have been drawing since I was young and believe it’s one of the best ways to put your ideas into reality.

Justin Ahn – “Leap Of Faith”

New Jersey, United States: I feel like the dream of every child or adolescent growing up with a love for the game of basketball is to be able to dunk. I always used to tell myself that I would be able to dunk when I’m taller or bigger, but that didn’t matter because my vertical jump now and then is horrendous. Space travel such as to the Voyager Station for the normal person would be an incredible experience as it could eliminate the physical qualities of a person that can’t be displayed on a gravitationally strong surface like the Earth. In the picture, I drew a picture of myself and my friends as adults (I don’t think kids are allowed in space?) floating around the court playing ball and having the time of our lives while being able to dunk. Space is such an interesting topic to visualize. We continue to advance our equipment for space travel, but the endlessness and ever-expanding nature of the universe or universes will forever confuse humans.

3rd Place (2 way tie)

Lilabeth Halcumb

Honorable Mentions

Age: 16 to 18

1st Place

Diego Cel Escobedo – “Voyage to Space “

Coahuila, Mexico: For this work I was inspired by the voyager station in space, being seen from a point of view behind the earth. I became interested in art because of the way we can express ourselves with it.

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2nd Place

Gregor Davies – “The Passage”

Edinburgh, United Kingdom: This poster is inspired by the patterns of the universe and the galaxy that we call home. I find space interesting because it drives innovation and out of the box thinking which improves our everyday lives.

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3rd Place

Amanda Grodman – “Visit Space”

Florida, United States: My piece is meant to catch the viewer’s eye by inquisitively portraying the glory and wonder of space, from the launching rocket to the astronaut in the foreground. Moreover, the meteor with the motto “one small step” as coined by the first man on the moon is meant to inspire the viewer in gaining the desire to travel to space. I find that art and space greatly intermingle because of the broad capacities of both, which is why I am drawn to both of these subjects. In art, one may find a variety of mediums to choose from, while astronauts and scientists alike may discover a plethora of intergalactic specimens and concepts to study.

Honorable Mentions


1st Place

Juan de Lascurain – “Always Follow Your Dreams”

Texas, United States: Having dreams is what keeps the world moving forward. But not a lot of people have the courage to pursue them. This art piece represents the dreams of the people who are pursuing those dreams and who are an inspiration to others. My interest in space has to do with Dreaming big and with the unknown. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible to accomplish great things and inspire people along the way. My interest in art has to do with the fact that I want to inspire people to follow their dreams. I think through art I can do that and I can also communicate positive things to the world.

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2nd Place

Anthony Tablizo – “Orbital Views”

California, United States: This design is inspired by a statement in one of the statement on “Fridays with Tim”. Tim mentioned that he would personally love to see the effects of a water fountain and how it would react to artificial gravity. This design is inspired by that statement. I imagine bartenders being able to create various effects as well.

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3rd Place

Osei Ovid – “Run on The Wind Test #13”

Texas, United States: This image is part of a character story series. My 3d Characters are rendered inside a spacecraft deck with various poses and expressions. I am a multi-media artist who is passionate about space innovations. I create galactic art which varies in media types.

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Honorable Mentions