OAC Partners with Lifeship to Send Art to The Moon

(C) Orbital Assembly Corporation 2022

Announcing the First Space Art Contests with Prizes to the Moon Orbital Assembly and Lifeship Announce Lunar Exhibition of Space Art Contest Submissions

Huntsville, AL…April 21, 2022 — Aspiring artists, young and old can participate in the first space art exhibit organized by Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), the only company advancing the development and operation of the first commercially viable, space-based business park with gravity, and LifeShip, a community space program to connect people with space exploration through a mission to expand life outwards.

LifeShip will send the top 300 art pieces to the Moon in a DNA seed bank and Golden Record time capsule mission.

“We’re excited to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts who can express their passion artistically, with a chance of actually sending their work into space,” says Rhonda Stevenson, CEO of Orbital Assembly Corporation. “Imagine the exhilaration of seeing a work of art that you’ve created being exhibited on the moon in the first lunar art exhibit. We invite every space enthusiast who envision a visit to space to submit their entry ASAP.”

“LifeShip is a mission for dreamers and explorers,” says Ben Haldeman, CEO of LifeShip. “Art encourages us to imagine and create. We care about bringing out the best of humanity as we move outwards. We’re thrilled to have art on the mission and to include more people in our space journey.”

The OAC Gravity Art Contest task is to create an original work of art to promote travel to the on-orbit space stations, especially the world’s first gravity enabled space stations OAC’s Voyager or Pioneer stations. Works of art may use official OAC imagery, but any submitted art must be original. Entries will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 for the following categories based on originality, emotion, whimsy, and most of all gravity in space. Entries are due May 15th and winners will be selected May 30th.

The contest judges who are on OAC’s advisory board include: Janet Ivey-Duensing, the CEO and Creator of Janet’s Planet; scientist, Star Trek writer and producer Andre Bormanis, as well as scientist, space philosopher and author Frank White.

Entries will be judged in four categories: 12 and younger, tweens 13-15 and teens 16-Youth contestants can register here. Another contest is also being held for adults18+ and participants can register here. Click here for a full set of contest rules, eligibility, and additional prize information.

About Lifeship
LifeShip is a community space program to connect people with space exploration. LifeShip’s first mission is a genetic seed bank on the Moon with the DNA from humanity and Earth’s biodiversity. People can add their DNA and join the mission with affordable kits at LifeShip.com. DNA gets preserved for the far future in a capsule in Synthetic Amber Polymer (SAP). The DNA could one day be used to recreate life as it is today. The first capsule launches on April 23rd on a crewed SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station. Capsules are also booked on two upcoming missions to the Moon. Future missions are being planned to send DNA capsules further into deep space and award community members tickets to fly to space. LifeShip will soon launch a web3 community for people to engage in the mission in different ways. For more information, visit www.Lifeship.com.