• If We Stay Home

    If We Stay Home

    We don’t often think of ourselves, of humanity, as a species, but that is what we are, the product of billions of years of evolution on a small planet at the edge of a galaxy in an immense universe. As a species, we face a decision, one that has been long in coming, but now…

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  • The Future Has Arrived

    The Future Has Arrived

    Recently, Rhonda Stevenson, President and CEO of Orbital Assembly Corporation, suggested that I talk with Andre Bormanis and Dan Hawk as part of this blogging series. What a delightful conversation it was! Andre is a member of OAC’s Board of Advisors and is a science consultant for the Star Trek inspired show, The Orville. Dan…

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  • Space on Earth, Earth in Space

    Space on Earth, Earth in Space

    The context is not “Earth versus Space,” but “Earth in space.” We are creating safe harbors for the future ‘star sailors’ of this ‘new ocean’ of space.

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  • Why Space?

    Why Space?

    Frank White, author of the Overview Effect, and OAC advisory board member asks, “Why Space?”

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